More people moving to California?

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For the longest time, it’s been known that California was losing residents.  While there is still natural population growth, there was always more folks moving out of the state than moving in.  But, could that be reversing?

The OC Register wrote last week about 2011 data showing an inbound trend of movers into the state of California from moving companies Allied Van Lines, United Van Lines and Atlas Van Lines.

Allied handled 6,574 moves to California last year, up 8 percent vs. 2010 — as well as 6,227 moved away from the Golden State, virtually unchanged in a year. That’s a net gain of 347!

At United Van Lines, 16,292 of its moves were to California, a 4% increase vs. 2010. Moves away from California totaled 14,758 — down 1% in a year. 

Then there’s Atlas Van Lines, which handled last year 7,803 moves to California, a 9% increase vs. 2010. Its moves away from California totaled 6,758 — up 4% in a year.

Surprised?  Me too.  Another storage and moving company interviewed for the article is attributing the trend to prices coming back to reasonable levels.

Linda Oakley, vice president of Atlas Transfer and Storage: “People are realizing that living in California is finally affordable and they’re jumping on that bandwagon. We’ve had customers that we’ve moved out of state that have called us back to say, ‘I want to come home.’”

According to the Register, Texas was the most popular destination at Allied Van Lines while Washington D.C. was the top choice of movers using United and Atlas.  As expected, our neighbor to the north, Oregon, was a top inbound state for both Allied and United.

It’s the 2nd year in a row that more people are moving into the golden state than out according to the Register.  It’s also the highest number since the bust of 2008, though still well below the numbers of the years prior.

[T]hese three van lines combined moved more folks to California than out for the second consecutive year — and third out of the last four. Plus, the 30,669 households moved to California last year was up 5.9% in a year and the highest number of new neighbors since 2008…Last year’s inbound moves were still 23% short of the average years seen in the most recent boom of 2005-07.

Have you notice more new neighbors from out of state in your neighborhood?


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