Investors – How to Buy Your First House

coin-houseFor new real estate investors the first one is the hardest. Too many negative possibilities and consequences are running through your mind. The only way to get around that is to jump in and make some offers until one is accepted. Then a new set of fears step in that’s OK because you got over the first ones you can deal with these.

Books, Tapes and Seminars – Most likely you’ve read a whole library of books listened to hours of tapes and CD’s over and over again, attended some seminars maybe attended a lot of seminars. The investment in education can be many thousands of dollars now is the time to get some practical real life experience. You have all the strategies it’s time to put them to use.

Make $50,000 on Every Deal – plan to make a profit on your first transaction maybe you will make a lot of money so what. You don’t make anything until you put it together. Get up get out go find houses; they are easy to find the big deals are not that’s why they are big deals. Join your local REIA deals are there at every weekly and monthly meeting.

Find a House, Make an Offer – That’s how it’s done. Find a House, Make an Offer. Find a House, Make an Offer. Find a House, Make an Offer. Find a House, Make an Offer. Find a House, Make an Offer. Find a House, Make an Offer. Find a House, Make an Offer. Find a House, Make an Offer. Find a House, Make an Offer. Find a House, Make an Offer. Over and over and over again…

Real Estate Agent – An investor Real estate agent can put you in front of more deals than anyone else. Their only goal is to have you buy and sell properties at a profit so you come back and use their services again. They will email you new listings every week go out check the houses work up the cost and expenses make an offer. Do it again and again and again.

Financing Your Deal – If you don’t have a deal why worry about where the money is going to come from. Join your local REIA there is more money waiting to be invested than there are places to put it. Your investor Real Estate agent can help you locate sources of ready to lend money.

Find a house, make an offer, offer accepted, advertise for sale, put the financing in place, advertise for sale, close the deal, advertise for sale, complete the rehab, and advertise for sale. Sell lease or rent. Go on to the next one, put to use what you’ve learned. Do it again.

Bill Carey a Broker/Investor/Builder. His over 30 years experience in Real Estate Sales, Investments and Construction offers a unique perspective to the processes of Investment Grade Real Estate. Bill and his family own resort rentals and hold a number of Off-Campus student rental properties in southern states. This started when our oldest daughter went away to school at the University of South Carolina in Columbia, SC. The Carey family continues to buy and successfully rents student rental properties.


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