Where Are All of the Real Estate Wholesalers At?

Mortgage-Debt-photo-co-homeownershiprevolution-comHow can real estate wholesalers make it easier to for them be found and help themselves by flipping more properties at the same time?

Property wholesalers and companies wholesaling houses shouldn’t be that difficult to find judging by the number of individuals that claim to be investors and that tune into podcasts and blogs on wholesaling houses. Yet, for many end buyers, rehabbers and buy and hold investors it appears to be surprisingly difficult to find wholesale properties and partners to get regular deals from each month.

In fact; browse the most popular online real estate investment forums on the web today or check out Google insights on related keywords and you’ll find rental property buyers and rehabbers desperately crying out for wholesalers.

They need their services and inventory. Sure they could find it themselves, but it isn’t their domain or area of expertise. If they only had a couple of reliable sources for properties at reasonable discounts and potential they could operate much more efficiently and buy a lot more. This week some landlords have even begun questioning whether they should start building more properties as rentals instead of dealing with the frustration of hunting down a partner that is wholesaling houses.

Clearly this is crazy when so many of those wholesaling houses are simultaneously scratching their heads wondering how they can move more product!

After all; end buyers are the only challenge for wholesaling CEOs today. With access to a vast, virtually bottomless pool of short term funding like transactional funding and plenty of distressed inventory to choose from, and motivated sellers to help – providing the end buyers are there the volume and income potential is incredibly huge.

Obviously the end buyers are out there, and they are hungrier than ever for deals. It is just surprising they are having such a hard job finding properties to buy and intermediaries that can serve them.

In some areas wholesalers are virtually invisible online despite Google. So why is this? Why the gap and how can the divide be bridged to create incredibly prosperous win-win relationships for both sides?

Those with the inventory clearly need to get more visibility. You might have access to endless deals and all the cash you need to take them down. You might even be offering the best deals in the world. But if people can’t find you they can’t buy them from you.

Bridge the abyss using Google ads, social media, SEO to draw online traffic, Craigslist, in person networking and affiliate introducers.


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