5 Tips for Purchasing a Foreclosed Property

5 Tips for Purchasing a Foreclosed PropertyThe procedure of purchasing a typical resale property is quite different from buying a foreclosed property. Most of the cases involve only a real estate agent, and a preapproval letter is needed by the lender for a seller to buy the property. Though there would be some margin for negotiation, in most cases, buyers would need to pay for any repairs but they do not have to buy the home at all so they may be able to work something out. Perhaps a lower sale price knowing something is wrong with the home?Many first-time buyers look for lower price ranges that often include distress sales.

Beginning the Home Search

A foreclosed property, also known as bank-owned or real-estate owned property, needs some ground work completed for someone to be able to buy it. You should proceed with the initial steps simultaneously: attaining a lender’s preapproval and finding a real estate agent, who deals with the bank, which owns foreclosed properties, and of course the one you have your eye on if you already have a house in mind.

You can have a look at the local realty websites to sort out the list of foreclosed properties. Banks often appoint a few realty agents to deal with their REO properties. Most people work with bank’s agent instead of hiring a separate broker, not only to concoct a clear picture, but also to save some money. If this is not the case, it has to be divided between 2 agents.


This is the period when the seller still owns the land but realizes there are chances of a foreclosure. This is when their credit is being bloodied. This is a terrible situation that they either put themselves in or their luck just ran out. In addition, they also may lose some rights to their own equity in the process.

Purchasing at this stage can be quite difficult, since everything has to happen so quickly. This is because the homeowner is going to be desperate in trying to find a buyer for their property. If you like the property and all the details appear solid and genuine you have a better chance in the negotiation process. This is because the seller may be on a deadline; there could be a short sale involved as well if the bank allows it.

An Auction

The property is sent to the auction where it will be sold. However, there could be some risk associated with it, such as unknown repairs, lien on titles, and so on. You would be buying this home with some risk tied to it. If you have the cash though, you may be still a good fit for this home.

Post Foreclosure

The properties would be under the bank’s control that sells the homes to recoup as much cash as possible. The real estate agent works closely with the bank to sell the property legally and complete the process as quickly as possible.

Putting Everything in Writing

Make sure to form an agreement upon finalizing the deal; you can seek help from either a lawyer or a realty broker, who specializes in foreclosure properties. Be sure to compare the prices before signing any agreement.


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