Why Every New Real Estate Investor Should Start By Wholesaling Houses

competition2014 is shaping up to be one of the best years for property investing the U.S. has seen. Home prices are still incredibly attractive, interest rates are low and interest is high. Thousands are expected to get into investing in real estate this year. However, while there are many different strategies to explore there are many good reasons for all investors to get started by wholesaling houses.

There are a variety of property investment strategies available to those interested in the U.S. property market in 2014. Some options include acquiring or wholesaling mortgage notes, fixing and flipping houses, raw land and lots, building a portfolio of rental properties, investing in mineral rights, turnkey investing, buying and leasing commercial office, retail and industrial buildings, private mortgage lending and more.

Still, wholesaling houses doesn’t just continue to shine as one of the best short term and long term strategies, but is a great way for all to get started regardless of their ultimate goals.

Wholesaling is frequently chosen as the preferred gateway to property investment by those with limited resources and that need fast results. It’s perhaps most famous for its speed of producing large lump sums of cash, but also means incredibly low risk, very high returns and more opportunities for low or no money down real estate deals. Some side benefits also include being easily engaged with minimal time invested, being easier to learn and offering far more flexibility with time.

For all the above reasons wholesaling houses makes a great gateway to all other forms of investing. Most other strategies should only be considered, or may only be possible for those with a considerable amount of liquid capital, or at least a reasonable reserve fund and little need for immediate income or cash flow. Those that are lacking in this area can quickly build up cash on hand and wealth with wholesaling and then expand.

For those that already have plenty of cash or access to significant credit wholesaling can still be a wise first step in order to get the feet wet and get some hands on experience without having too much on the line. It will help getting comfortable with negotiations, learning the local market, real estate contracts and open plenty of new doors, while making great connections without having to break the teeth on deals which could be very costly if rushed into by the complete novice.


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