Why A Property Condition Report Is Needed Before Occupying A Property

Untitled-1Getting a property condition report is an important protective measure. This is actually an essential task to accomplish before taking possession of a rental property. With an accurate description of the unit, complete with date-stamped photographs and perhaps even a video, the report will include any damaged, missing, or dirty portion of the rental. It includes everything from marks on the walls, broken fixtures, carpet stains, and any crack, rust, chip, etc. Taking note of all these can eventually save you lots of money at the end of your tenancy.

As a tenant, you have your bond money at stake and you could lose it simply because you couldn’t prove that the damage had already been present before you moved in. A property condition report is an accepted piece of evidence in case you are assigned culpability and are erroneously charged for certain damages. It will stand up in court should your landlord or agent ever file a claim.

It’s important to remember that the report must be completed before you occupy the unit, and that you must be furnished your own copy upon signing the lease agreement. Don’t allow yourself to be hurried into having the place properly inspected. It’s best that you hire the services of professionals who routinely carry out property inspections and fill out condition reports as they’ll know what to look out for. They have the eagle eyes necessary to spot details that the untrained eye may miss. As much as a property report offers protection for the tenant, it also provides the same for the landlord. Proof that the property was in good condition prior to the tenants taking possession is necessary to be able to charge them for possible damages during their exit. Obviously, the more detailed the report is, the better it is for everyone concerned, which is why it’s really preferable to have a professional work on it and why photographs offer a clear advantage. Where words fail to convey the exact state of the unit, a picture will effectively do the work.

It’s important to make extra copies of property condition reports and store them in a safe place as they could very well rescue you from unexpected and undeserved expenses. Many agents will have no scruples about having innocent tenants pay for repairs, replacements, or even just a cleaning service. If you do your due diligence right off the bat, you can guarantee a stress-free exit later on.
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