Realtors and Tax Sales – Why They Just Don’t Mix!

Realtors and Tax SalesAm I shunning Realtors? Absolutely not! Many of you know by now that I have been investing in tax sale properties for a very long time and that I am a full-time tax sale investor, trainer and coach. What some people might not realize is that I just so happen to also be a licensed real estate broker and Realtor. This gives me a unique perspective in the worlds of tax sale investing and training.

Over the years I have discovered that Realtors simply don’t understand tax sale investing. The reason is simple: It all comes down to the money. Most Realtors don’t have any guarantee of income unless they earn a commission. Therefore they will usually focus all their energy on earning more commissions (by helping buyers purchase properties and sellers sell their properties). Since the government doesn’t offer a commission most Realtors believe they don’t have any incentive to spend a single minute learning about how the tax sale process works.

In my opinion, however, a good Realtor (especially one that focuses on investors) should know every type of investment that is available to their client in the real estate industry. The Realtor who doesn’t even know the basics is doing a huge disservice to their clients. Additionally, they’re missing out on a very profitable sector of the business. If they are able to educate their clients properly, it’s likely that the investor will turn to them when they start the selling process. If you’re a Realtor, you should seriously consider taking the time to educate and learn about this very lucrative niche of real estate!

If you currently invest in tax defaulted properties or are looking to get into the business be careful who you choose to learn from. While having a relationship with a Realtor can benefit you immensely when it comes to research, valuing and selling properties they typically are not a good source of information if you want to learn about the tax sale process and strategies that successful investors use. Instead, you need to learn from someone who is an expert in that field and has made successful investments many times over.



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