Things That’ll Ruin Your Chances of Selling Your Home

#readyrealtyllc #kurtbyer #kurtbyerinvestments

#readyrealtyllc #kurtbyer #kurtbyerinvestments

When it comes to selling a home there are many ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’ that are easy to get confused or forgotten in the rush of bank statements, paperwork trails and the stress of finding a new place to live once you’ve sold your old house. There are a few things that can entirely ruin your chances of selling your home if they are overlooked, and the sale of your home is one place in which mistakes could potentially lead to large consequences! Here are a few things to watch out for when selling your home as they could ruin your chances of making a sale.

The biggest mistakes home sellers often make has to do with the information in their home’s listing be it on a private website or a real estate agency’s homepage. If you don’t provide enough information to potential home buyers in the advertisement they won’t bother trying to contact you or coming by for an open house. You want to make sure that your advertisement has everything in it that will grab a buyer’s attention and prove that your home is a good sale.

Having lots of pictures of your home and each room is vitally important to the sale of your home. Not having any pictures on a home advertisement looks sloppy and will attract unqualified buyers to your listing. Presenting quality photo evidence of your home not only gives potential buyers a peek into your home without actually having to visit sight-unseen, but will help weed out uninterested parties early on.

Pictures are important of the outside of your house, too. Make sure to mow the yard, rake the leaves and maintain the exterior of your house prior to putting it up for sale. How a home looks from the street is a hug indicator of how well it’s been kept up. First impressions are the same with people and with houses- if a buyer likes what they see they will explore the rest of your home, and if they don’t like the exterior they might not even make it through your front door to see the rest.

Be creative and informative in the written part of your advertisement, blog, listing, or website publicizing the sale of your home. Having proper spelling and grammar is essential! As tempting as it may be to go over the top in an attempt to attract attention, avoid hyperboles and gross exaggerations of your home’s amenities or value in the listing. Be simple, realistic, humorous, and informative and the interested buyers will notice.

Finally, when you have your open house don’t be there. As much as you may want to see the people interested in buying your home there will be time in the future to do so. Buyers should be able to talk to their real estate agents freely and you should be able to leave your open house in the capable hands of others for a few hours.


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