The Art Of Flip Real Estate


A real estate flip is the easiest way to make money on property investments that involves getting control of the property in a number of ways that dose not necessarily mean putting up your own cash. The main reason to control the property is to resell the property, or as we say flip at a higher rate than we invested.

The first thing that has to be done to flip real estate is to study the market and invest in some low risk real estate. This real estate should be property that has a high potential for you making a profit on its selling after renovations. Once you choose the right property, you have to go about fixing it, and then resell it at the present market rate. This is a process that may take some time, and is not something where you can expect results overnight in most cases.

To be a success in flipping real estate, it is essential that you choose a house that needs only cosmetic repairs and no structural work. In other words, you just have to do some changes in the plumbing fixtures, electrical fixtures, painting, tiles and perhaps carpeting of the house to make it more attractive to interested buyers.

If structural changes were being done to the house, more money will be needed for these modifications. Cosmetic changes don’t need much capitol layout, expect for painting, tiles, plumbing changes and electrical changes. Concentrate on the kitchen and bathroom when flipping real estate as these are the two places people first check prior to buying a house.

When flipping over a house, you need some finance to make the first investment. There are loans available where you don’t have to put up a down payment for the loan. Use this type loan to purchase the house, and keep some money aside for the renovation and repairs. Upon completion you can easily sell the house for a cost higher than you had bought it.

It is best to have a reliable closing agent working with you when you flip real estate, because the agent will be the one who can understand your goals, and will help you reach them.
Inform your real estate agents of the kind of property you want to invest in and give them instructions to let you know whenever they see property worth you investing.

Things will look more professional if you have a winning team of professionals working for your flipping procedures. Have some good real estate agents, constructors, plumbers, electricians and designer when flipping real estate. With this team, you create a professional attitude amongst you, and in the process improve the reputation in front of owners of real estate.

Make it a point to handle sellers of real estate while remaining calm, fair and honest. There are many sellers selling their homes because of foreclosures and these people will be in stress. So they may need some comforting to sell the house.

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