Guide to Real Estate Investing


Real estate investing is very important to me. As many of you know I live in Canada and I spread most of my real estate investments out in Canada in order to insure that I only provide investments in places that I can personally look after and maintain. This is important to investing in my opinion since being able to keep a watchful eye on your investments will really help you get a good return on investment in your real estate investing. Anytime you can keep an eye on your investing it’s a no-brainer, DO IT! Keeping a close eye on your real estate properties will allow you to pick up on things that people who do real estate by proxy don’t have the luxury of doing.

Let me give you an example of what I currently do in the Toronto real estate market. Basically, I can find some real estate close to my home and invest in it. Then, if there are any local developments, mall constructions, or god forbid anything bad happens, I’m one of the first to know and I can benefit by knowing when to sell my property or when to increase the rent, etc. Imagine investing in the real estate market and knowing before anyone else what the future of the market was going to be..does anyone else see how huge of a bonus this would be? Just being able to know what is going on gives me 10x more real estate investing experience than anyone else investing in the Toronto real esate market. This is my first in a series where I’m going to create a guide to real estate investing.

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